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Multi Object Tracking


Model: CV4000/CV5000/CV5010/CV5020-  CloseView™Data Sheet

CloseView™is an intelligent auto-track PTZ controller and works in conjunction with up to four reference cameras for simultaneous multiple-object tracking. Supported PTZ cameras includes high speed domes such as Interceptor™.

To do real time tracking is not possible with Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, where the compression of analogue signals delays the processing speed, making it difficult, for example, to follow a suspicious object by a moving pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera, simply because the object will have moved on before the highly complex algorithms are completed which is necessary for a smooth tracking.

The CloseView™advanced video analytics appliance is a real-time video surveillance unit, designed by the computer vision experts of DynaPel, and is based on a highly optimized in-house developed embedded software into our hardware architecture. It allows attended and unattended operations for capturing Identification Video of the action in a scene, and supports leading PTZ camera models. Video from up to four wide-angled cameras are simultaneously watched, and when motion is detected in the field of view, it automatically directs the PTZ camera to zoom in and focus on the activity. In effect it works like a giga pixel camera where you can zoom in and get clear images with high resolution. There is little known competition with comparable performance to follow objects and close in on them. CloseView™can identify multiple targets simultaneously, and sequentially move from target to target. In addition the CloseView™unit deploys an alarm output to trigger recording, so faces and car licenses can be clearly and sharply captured in a video recording system for review and action. To maintain a smooth and accurate tracking with high-speed, agility of the system is essential. This means that the video to be analyzed should be captured from multiple wide-angle cameras without a delay, as e.g. the IP video compression step in IP cameras introduces. CloseView™can also be configured remotely through an IP Network, either by uploading parameters or by adding a Video Server to actually see the picture while configuring.

The CloseView™technology can operate fully automatically, but will also improve manual surveillance and make it more efficient due to the fact that suspicious objects are pointed out and followed. That is why, for example, the city of London, United States Army, Fed Ex, Airports and Schools/Universities are using DynaPel's technology.

CloseView™comes in a desktop version (CV4000/CV5000) as well as a rack version (CV5010/CV5020).  Both rack versions include a built-in webserver and the CV5020 supports (2) PTZ cameras as well as (8) reference cameras.


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