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Video Stabilization

Steady Eye

Model: SEDESK/SE100/SE200- SteadyEye™Data Sheet

Videos from security cameras often shake. Shake comes from many sources and is amplified by high-power zoom lenses. Shaky and unsteady videos can be generated by swaying buildings, wind-driven locations, cameras mounted near machinery, heating ventilation air condition (HVAC) systems, PTZ servos and of course all mobile applications. SteadyEye™digitally stabilizes such video signals.

SteadyEye™is a world leading product in stabilizing camera movements, no matter if it is in a car, on a pole or in a plane. The uniqueness of this technology has guaranteed its usefulness and popularity in for example military drone planes and police cars.

SteadyEye™comes in a desktop version (SEDESK) as well as a rack version (SE100/SE200).  Both rack versions include a built-in webserver and the SE200 supports (2) video inputs.